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Henry Battle

Henry Lee Battle aka “Hbatto” is a Californian native and well traveled Air Force veteran. His innate artistic abilities were nurtured early in life, and from the beginning, he was intrigued by the human figure and the way garments draped the body. His styles is reminiscent of the old masters, capturing realistic snapshots of life. His work spans the landscape of the spiritual, the family, and romance genres.

One can feel his passion for his subject studies from a distance, but step closer and the details are extraordinary.

Henry Battle has a strong spiritual base and believes are is not only a gift from God, but it is his assignment to capture and portray positive spirited images of life. He gains inspiration not only from the old masters, but also from talents he observes in others who are lifting their gifts to the highest heights. His art has graced the covers of many books as well as the sets of the BET movie “Let The Church Say Amen,” OWN’s “Greenleaf,” and a future release of “Come Sunday.” Henry now resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

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